Educator Imprint: AP Reading~What to Expect

I just returned from a week-long trip to Cincinnati, Ohio where the AP Human Geography reading took place.  What a great experience. Though there were other readings taking place at the same time that we were, there were a total of 460 AP readers for the AP Human exam to read approximately 140,000 free response questions.  When we arrived and checked into the hotel, we headed over to the convention center and completed registration.  Next, we headed over to our table assignments that were listed on the walls.  My buddy told me that this was like summer camp for geography teachers in that finding who would be at your table and table leader would be, was the most anxiety he would experience all week. Since I did not know anyone, it was not that nerve-wracking anyway.

Meals were included banquet/buffet style in a massive ballroom of the convention center. I was absolutely thrilled that food was free, but by the end of the week however, it does become a bit old. We had to report to our tables at 8:00am sharp every day and we were expected to grade until 5:30pm.  We had two breaks and an hour lunch daily.

June 1: Fly in to Cincinnati

June 2: 1 Hour orientation and introduction of the reading, familiarize ourselves with the rubric, practice rubric grading, and begin to grade free response questions

June 3-8: 8am-5:30pm grading

I was able to catch a flight out early on the last day so I did not have to spend the last night there, even though I did have to pay a 75.00 change fee.

All in all, it was a great experience and one that I will do again if allowed. I will write another entry about the things that I learned as well.